Las Vegas

America's gaudiest, glitziest city……

I have a confession…….. and it’s one that often surprises my seasoned well-travelled friends…… Las Vegas is one of my favourite places in the world. I just love every casino (even though I never gamble and seldom drink), I love every neon light, every glittering hotel, every bit of bling that would make Liberace proud.  There is no other city on the planet quite like it and I believe that a full day’s walk along the Las Vegas strip, while ducking in and out of the various casino’s in order to witness the bizarre, over-the-top attractions, such as light shows, musical water fountains, gondoliers singing loudly as they paddle their gondolas through narrow waterways, the insane rides that hang you over the city from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Hotel, the random singing, the random dancing, the costume-clad women on stilts, the superheroes on the street corners, the varied architecture and ridiculous themes and on and on, is well worth the experience, at least once. Where else can you see such craziness?