Los Angeles

Who doesn’t like Disney, I know that not all people understand my irrational need to visit this iconic playground or the allure of visiting Disneyland. It is ridiculously expensive, commercial, crowded, and in summer a place teeming with rude tourists, screeching children, and parents who find it perfectly acceptable to let their children rule the day. This is not to mention Walt Disney himself, who is said to have been a mean husband and possible racist.

Call it nostalgia, but none of this bothers me. When I think of Disneyland, I think of being a kid, sitting in Taupo in front of the TV on a Saturday evening enthralled by the “wonderful world of Disney” So to arrive here and hear the music, shows, parades, rides, and yes, even the stores filled with shiny Disney merchandise filled me with wonder and beckoned to me like an oasis.

So add to this experience I was invited to visit California Park. I like to think of Disneyland California Adventure as Disneyland’s cool big brother. Disneyland California manages to maintain it’s family friendly atmosphere while kicking it up a notch with thrill rides and a boardwalk where you can imagine how a Californian beach resort may of looked like in the 50’s.