Rome won over our hearts with its enchanting neighbourhoods, its rich history and the amazing food. Our accommodation an apartment in a building once owned by a countess, had huge wooden doors that once was the entrance for the horses and carriages that entered the countess’s building.

Out of all of my travels, Rome continues to not only be one of my favourite cities but also one of my favourite photographic destinations.  I tried to concentrate a few days on certain key areas, in an attempt to catch the best lighting as well as cool sculptures or just the passing crowds.

I spent quite a bit of time concentrating on the architecture. Rome was experiencing very high temperatures and very little rain so the skies were crystal clear blue for most of my visit. Sometimes blue skies can be brilliant in photography but other times they can add too much negative space to the scene.

Whether you’re a photographer or just out for a casual stroll, it’s a serene and breath-taking experience. As you walk along the cobbled streets of Rome, you can see the beautiful building and it beautiful people. Catch it at the right time and you can also watch the daylight fade as the city lights turn on.