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Serving the Bay of Plenty I don't stop at wedding photography, I pride myself on my magazine work, whether that be avant grade steam punk or bridal publications. Visit me at my studio and let's talk 021378261

At special occasions and corporate events two main types of photography are employed. Photojournalistic/candid and casual/formal posed. Both of these styles require a individual approach. The first style requires invisibility, the photographer has to blend in so as to capture those moments that are spontaneous and natural without inhibiting the subjects. This requires a keen eye and experience to be at the right place at the right time and not to become the focal point of the guests. Long fast lenses are a must with spot focusing essential.

The second style almost compels the opposite. This is where your photographer must take control and direct your guests. This responsibility can be fraught with danger. Firm, clear instructions that provides confidence in their photographer is essential. This must be tempered with humour and showmanship with the result being that your guests are happy to follow the photographers instructions.

Too meek – your guests will ignore him.

Too bolshie and your guests will be offended.

Portraiture is a combination of light, style, age, location and mood. Using all five of these elements to create the desired shot will depend on what each of these factors are, for example a picture of children playing on the beach with their family pet will have a totally different mood that a 25year old model in a high fashion dress in the streets of Paris at night. The subjects age, location and light will determine the style and mood of the shot or vice versa. This is where your photographer has to be able to adapt to the ever changing situations that are presented to him and only experience will allow this to be achieved seamlessly. Innocence, love, romance, wonder, sadness, joy, confidence, sex appeal and drama. All of these can be created with light, location, posing, technical skill and the most important the ability to infuse the right emotion. These are all the tools of my trade as a professional photographer.