Rock the Frock

Rock the frock is my interpretation of visionary wedding photography. Instead of boxing up your wedding dress, preserve your wedding dress with a unique photo by having fun and create an image post wedding that has a WOW factor that is unique and will become a stunning piece of art in your home. Some call it "Trash the Dress", "Drown the Gown" we just think you should "rock it", have fun and look spectacular.

I believe that fashion magazines like Italian Vogue who will produce a scene with opulence and drama using theworld's top fashion model, iconic historical landmarks and elegant haute couture can be recreated using real people, our own beautiful country and blend of cost effective fabrics and accessories to help paint the vision with flair for design. Fantasy's and dreams can come true with a little imagination and the willingness to think outside the box.

I want you to imagine a piece of art that inspires wonder and awe. A picture that could hang in any photographic gallery in the world but adorns your wall.

Now I want you to see yourself in this you think this is what Mona Lisa felt like?

This type of photography is rare, mainly because ordinary photographers lack the creativeness and desire to explore and challenge their limited beliefs of what can be done. Together, you and I can conceive a vision to stretch your imagination. Then allow my innovative design ideas to bring it to life. Once we have thought of our concept, acquired the props and shot the scene on location, it is now time for me to print and frame your magnum opus. Ordinary or extraordinary… there really is only one choice, I think I have just worked out why Mona Lisa smiles