Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a very specialised craft, it combines portraiture, fashion, events, fine arts and photo-journalistic styles of photography all in one day.

Your wedding photographer needs the talent and experience to be able to control and organise large groups of people in a fun and relaxed way so that the wedding will run smoothly and on time. He also has to have the peace of mind to see and capture the subtle nuances of the day, the child at the ceremony yawning, the grandmother nonchalantly wiping a tear from her eye or the father trying to stop his lip quivering.
On the most important day of your lives you must have the confidence that your photographer will know where to be, how to stand, what to look for and how to capture those moments that can never be recreated again. I have lost count how many times I have heard from brides that have used a 'friend' to take their wedding photos, 'I wish we had had a professional Wedding Photographer ' This is such a important day, to be entrusted to somebody who has not dedicated their lives to capturing these memories forever. We get one chance, let's make no regrets.

Your wedding photographer as well as being a expert on lighting and posing can help with your days schedule eg.

  • When should the boys be ready?
  • What time should the hair and makeup be finished?
  • When do we leave to get to the ceremony?
  • How long does the ceremony take?
  • How to organize the group and family shots and where to take the bride and groom for the most spectacular locations for their portraiture photos? name just a few.

A professional wedding photographer shoots a wedding ever mindful of how he will create your wedding album, accessories and detail shots using specialised lenses create artistic scenes out of mundane items, the use of natural window light to paint a feeling of tranquillity on a bride or grooms face while they are getting ready, dramatic locations using the ambient light or the use of the world's leading off camera strobes to create fashion style photography and top of the range lenses and cameras that are fast enough to shoot in low light scenes like the first dance. These will become images of your big day that will be yours forever.